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A Boon : Evolution of IVF in India.

Having a child is a right of every women who so desires it is nature gift to her and the whole of Humankind. child bearing is both a joy and challenge.
I will outline what India has achieved in IVF:

a) Indian Pharma companies producing indigenous drugs have taken away the dependency on foreign companies

b) Vitrification -- The new technology of freezing embryos and eggs has improved chances of embryo survival to nearly 97% and has thereby help improve pregnancy rates. Thee egg freezing technology has given a ray of hope to cancer patients, who can do egg banking before chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

c) Introduction of ICSI (1992) (advanced test tube baby procedure using a machine called Micro manipulator to Inject one sperm into one egg). This technology was able to conquers male infertility. today male with zero sperm can father their own child using this method. new heights were reached with the introduction of ICSI. India was not far behind and we at bloom ivf where part of the five pioneer who introduced it in our country. soon we mastered the skill due to our immense workload and excel it in. today India boughts of more than 500 IVF centers nearly 60 of this our in Mumbai alone,.

d) Improve Embryoloy technology lots of innovation in the IVF laboratory are the stepping stones of improved rate. we have been of the forefront by Importing techonologies assised laser hatching (1998), IMSI (2009) for male infertility, to the latest Embryoscope 2012 to name a few. In fact, the first embryoscope of th Asian continent was installed in japan in our very own lilavati hospital.

All this innovation have improve the success rate of IVF by leaps and bounds. the pregnancy rate in woman undergoing IVF is as high as 50% in good prognosis patients (young patients shorter duration infertility) various in 1978 pioneer had struggled with pregnancy rate of 10%. this accumulated expertise has helped make India a major provider of inexpensive and effective IVF treatment for the common man and also for couples worldwide.

Such is the contribution of technology in this field of medicine today the IVF procedure has become and our patient office treatment especially due to transvaginal ultrasonography. counselling has become the backbone of IVF therapy anf has translate it into a very patient friendly treatment. IVF is the shining star on the horizon bringing hope and joy to thousand o couple who are struggling with emotional and social consequences of not being blessed with a child today, India is doin above 60,000 cycles it is amazing that with the passing of time the procedure is becoming standardize and IVF center are being stabilized evening small town of India such is a story of evolution of IVF in India.

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