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Educational Background of IVF specialist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar

Dr. Palshetkar completed her MD in 1993 from Mumbai University. She was also awarded the FCPS in the same year from the College of Physicians and surgeons Mumbai. Subsequently she was awarded the ICOG from the MICOG Mumbai.

Ongoing medical education to emerge as the #1 IVF Clinic in India
  • IVF & Micromanipulation Training at the University of Ghent -Ghent, Belgium, 1989.
  • Alpha School of Embryology -Naples, Italy, 1999.
  • IVF & ICSI Training at Melbourne IVF Centre, Australia, 2001.
  • Observer, Department of Genetics, UZ Ghent -Ghent, Belgium -1995.
  • Participant in Embryology Workshop Annual ESHREE Conference, Vienna, Austria, 2002.
  • Workshop on Gyng Oncology, Monaghan 3 days, 1993.
  • Workshop on Breastfeeding & baby friendly hospital -LTMC Mumbai, 1993.
  • Training in USG & FHR Monitoring Wadia Hospital, Bombay, 1993.
  • Training in Cytology Cama Hospital, 1993.
  • World Congress on Endoscopy, 1993.
  • Endoscopy workshop HN Hospital & the royal free women hospital, 1994.
  • ovarian tissue freezing in Copenhagen with Dr Claus Anderson, Dec'06.
  • Vitrification workshop at Prague.
  • Training in Ultrasonography & Foetal Heart Rate Monitoring, Wadia Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Training in Cytology, Cama Hospital, Bombay.
  • Workshop on Gynaecological Oncology, K.E.M. Hospital, Bombay.
  • Workshop on Endoscopy conducted at the 1993 World Congress on Endoscopy.
  • Workshop on Breast Feeding, L.T. Medical College, Bombay.
  • Public forum 2003 organized by Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh - Maturtavcha Aadunik Kalpana.
Contributing to creating a pool of IVF specialists in India
  • Trained over 1500 Gynaecologist in the area of Assisted Reproductive Technology (IVF treatment and other methods of helping couples achieve pregnancy)
  • Organized First Indo-Italian Workshop on Advanced Infertility Management, 1999 (Creating international awareness and expertise in IVF treatments)
  • ART 2000 -Second Indo Italian Workshop on Advanced Infertility Management, 2000 (Regular interaction with experts worldwide on IVF treatments)
  • ART 2001 -Third Indo Italian Workshop on Advanced Infertility Management, 2001 (Regular discussions, training and feedback on the subject of IVF treatments)
  • Third Indo German workshop on ART, Mumbai, 2002 (IVF doctor in Mumbai trained IVF doctors in Europe)
  • International Congress on Infertility, FOGSI-MOGS, IUI, 2003(exchange of ideas on various subjects related to infertility management and IVF treatments)
  • Workshop - Bruno, Aby Lewin, Gunasheela, Himanshu(a team of dedicated IVF researchers in Mumbai)
  • World Congress on Practical Infertility Management & Human Reproduction : Organizing Secretary, 2004 (Administrative role in IVF treatment seminars)
  • International conference on Applied endocrinology, drugs & instrumentation, Goa, Chairperson, Scientific Committee' 04 (Not just IVF treatments but a wider range of contributions)
  • Organising secretary of Update on Infertility, MOGS, 2005 (Administrative and research contributions continue)
  • Organised Perinatology workshop for FOGSI, talk on Evidence based management of Preterm Labour (Not just inducing pregnancy but managing it to the conclusion )
Recognitions for ongoing contributions to IVF treatment in India

Recent Achievements

  • Dr. Nandita Palshetkar,one of the most reputed IVF Doctors in India was conferred with the prestigious "Dignitaries of Maharashtra" award at a glittering function on 30th April, organized by CBD foundation. Amongst the other prominent winner are Sunil Gavaskar, Ashutosh Gowariker, Vijay Bhatkar (administrative director of TATA steel), Dr Anil Kakodkar (nuclear scientist) and Suhas Bahulkar. Chhagan Bhujbal, Honorable Cabinet Minister and Murlidhar Bhandare, Ex-Governor of Orissa also graced the occasion. Amongst the keynote speakers at this event was Dr. Jayant Naralikar, reputed Indian astrophysicist. The CBD Foundation is headed by Pradeep Bhide, Dilip Chawre and Rajeev Dhonde. Over the last 18 years, Dr Nandita Palshetkar is amongst the IVF Doctors in India who introduced pioneering medical technologies to assist childless couples. Some of them are IMSI (male infertility), assisted laser hatching, metabolomics and ovarian tissue freezing. Today, she runs five IVF centres across India. She is also the senior vice president of the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), the largest body of gynaecologists in India with over 25000 members. The mayor of Mumbai has also lauded her for her achievements.
  • Felicitated on International Women's Day at HEMRL (High Energy Research Material Laboratory).in Pune on 18th March 2010. Dr Nandita Palshetkar, Infertility Specialist and one of the leading IVF Doctors in Indiaattached to Lilavati Hospital Mumbai was felicitated at the function and gave a talk on International Women's Day. As celebration galore at the women's wing of HEMRL (High Energy Research Material Laboratory) in Pune on 18th March 2010with 400-500 participants from all over India attending it. Dr Palshetkar spoke on advances made by India in the area of ART. Her passion towards her work makes ranks her among best IVF doctors in India. She underlined the trauma faced by women due to childlessness & put forth many Rx options available to them. The chief Guest was Dr W. Selvamurthy Chief controller, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi & the Guest of Honour was Dr A. Subhananda Rao Director HEMRL, Pune. The host was Smt Anisha Vasudev, Commissioner Central Excise & Service Tax. Her name counts among the top IVF doctors in India.
  • In 2013, Dr Nandita Palshetkar's Bloom IVF Centres is awarded as ""Best IVF Centre in India" by Frost & Sullivan, truly makes her one of the leading IVF Doctors in India. Her growing network across Indian cities through conferences, through new IVF Centres, speaks as one of the most passionate IVF Doctors in India thoroughly extending her services to childless couples.

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