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Abortion - Executing Your Choice

I Want To Abort My Pregnancy. What Are The Steps?

If you do not feel ready to take the responsibility of a child at the present time and find it necessary to take the difficult decision of abortion we at Dr. Nandita Palshetkar's gynaecology clinics are there to help and care.

The steps leading up to it are -

  • Counselling - you may have many questions and doubts at this difficult and confusing time of your life. Your physician will answer all your medical, procedural and emotional enquiries.
  • Examination - a routine check up to ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo an abortion is necessary
  • Ultrasound scan - to find out how many weeks pregnant you are. This determines the exact abortion procedure to be used.
What Procedures Are Employed In An Abortion?

There are various procedures available depending on the stage you are in. They are -

  • Medical abortion - If you're up to 9 weeks pregnant, you just have to take medication that flushes the embryo out of your system.
  • Surgical abortion -
  • Suction aspiration - this method can be used from 7 to 15 weeks of pregnancy. It involves suctioning out the embryo using a tube inserted into the uterus via the vaginal passage the patient is under the influence of aesthetic.
  • Dilation and evacuation (D&) - This method is used in advanced pregnancy (over 15 weeks) while the patient is under anaesthesia, her cervix is dilated and stretched and the embryo is taken out using appropriate tools.

Dr. Nandita Palshetkar is a Obgyn specialist in Mumbai, India. For more information or consultation please write to info@nanditapalshetkar.com

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