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Cost of IVF - The financial side of Assisted pregnancy

"If you think a professional is expensive, wait 'til you try an amateur."

-Paul "Red" Adair

"A woman knows the value of love, but a man knows its cost."

- Vikrant Parsai

"In every dream, there lays a cost to be paid. The potency and relevance of your ideas will determine the cost to be paid!"

- Israelmore Ayivor
How should I choose my ivf specialist?

The most important factor in choosing your ivf specialist is their individual success rate but since infertility treatments are on the higher side of the cost spectrum you must take into account you ivf specialist's cost effectiveness too.

Am I covered by my health insurance company for infertility treatments?

Most Indian insurance companies do not cover and reimburse your infertility treatment charges. The reason they give is that infertility treatments are not medically necessary. Although the intended parents who are deprived of an offspring might disagree with this statement, unfortunately this is the present situation in India.

However there might be a ray of hope as evidenced by side developments reported recently in some national newspapers. To wit,

Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB) has tied up with general insurance major, New India Assurance to offer its women customers across categories insurance with schemes that would even provide cover for treatment of infertility and maternity. Three schemes have been launched to serve customers across various economic backgrounds. Working women can now can opt for schemes, which will also cover loss of earnings due to critical illness or accidents.

The three schemes are BMB Sakhee for women from marginalised sectors, BMB Nirbhaya for the working women and BMB Parivar Suraksha, a family floater scheme that would cover the family of the account holders.- DNA India.

What are the costs of some standard infertility drugs?

Clomiphene will cost you anywhere from 1500 - 2500 per month. Not including doctor's visits and various tests like ultrasound etc. Gonadotrophin will cost you anywhere from 50,000-200,000 per month including tests and divots visit .

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