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Recurrent IVF Failure - Finding Hope In Tragedy

What Are The Reasons For Recurrent IVF Failure?

Even in the most successful ivf units there are some cases in which even are 2-6 ivf attempts using various techniques may not be successful. It can be quite frustrating and bad for the hopeful couple's morale.

There are various reasons of ' unexplained ' recurrent ivf failure.
Some of them are :

  • Declined receptivity of the uterus - Sometimes the lining of the uterus wall may be thin or have cysts and polyps and various other developments on it. If this condition is undiagnosed it may cause repeat failures in ivf procedure.
  • Defects in the development of the embryo - Chromosome related abnormalities may cause the embryo to develop abnormally or not at all.
  • Over thickened Zona Pellucida - The Zona has to form over a fertilized zygote to prevent multi sperm fertilisation but in some cases it may over harden making the embryogenesis impossible.
How To Tackle Recurrent IVF Failure?

New research has come up with some promising potential cures for recurrent ivf failure. Such as -

  • Improving uterine receptivity- Treatment of physiologies of the uterus will improve the chances of conception through ivf.
  • Thickening the lining of the uterus - Certain drugs like vaginal sidenafil and low dose aspirin improve the blood flow, thereby increasing the thickness of uterine walls.
  • Immunotherapy - Boosting your immune system with immunoglobulin will prevent microbial infections from affecting the embryo's development.
  • Assisted Hatching - If the Zona Pellucida is too thick lasers or certain acids may be used to make the hatching easier.

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