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How does PCOS affect fertility in women ?

PCOS is one of the most common syndromes seen among women right now. And it is one of the commonest reasons that can interfere with conception. When you have PCOS, the ovaries tend to have more number of follicles which become cystic and produce immature follicles

Androgen levels (higher in men) are generally raised in women suffering from PCOS. Androgens are generally converted to estrogens but high levels of androgens can interfere with ovulation (development of egg). If a mature egg is not released, then pregnancy is unlikely.

Besides this PCOS can cause irregular periods. Changing your lifestyle and decreasing about 10% of your body weight if you are obese can normalise your hormone levels. If your hormones normalise, then there is chance to ovulate naturally and conceive as well. Change is lifestyle means eating healthy, exercising, stop smoking and drinking, reducing stress, control of other medical conditions if any would help normalise your hormone levels and restore normal menstrual cycle.

In some cases, where change in lifestyle cannot be achieved, normalising your menstrual period can be treated by your doctor by prescribing oral contraceptive pills. These pills can help normalise your period. The medications should be taken only after consulting your gynaecologist

But remember if you are trying to get pregnant, then oral contraceptive pills can’t be used. In such cases you need to visit a fertility specialist who would suggest medications which will help u ovulate and achieve pregnancy. Sometimes along with ovulation medication, insulin sensitisers may also be used in order to help u ovulate and conceive. Remember it’s important to go to a fertility specialist for this so that they can decide the right line of treatment for you. If you can’t get pregnant naturally there are various other modalities which can help you achieve a pregnancy such as IUI and IVF. This increases your chances of getting pregnant if natural methods have not worked.

The problems faced with PCOS women are empty follicle syndrome ( no eggs ) immature eggs , poor quality eggs , ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome , low fertilization rate , low grade embryos

Therefore if you are diagnosed with PCOS and are trying to conceive then please visit a fertility specialist to see what line of treatment is best for you

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