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Tubal Factor Infertility And IVF

What Is Tubal Factor Infertility?

Infertility caused by slight or complete blockage of one or both fallopian tubes is called Tubal Factor Infertility. In some cases only one fallopian tube maybe blocked and the other may have suffered scarring due to various reasons internal and external.

What Are The Causes Of Tubal Factor Infertility?

The causes of Tubal Infertility include PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease),Endometriosis, or scar tissue resulting from pelvic surgery.

What Is PID?

A gonorrhoea or chlamydia infection causes the immune system to secrete various bodily fluids into the uterine tract to combat the bacteria. This causes extreme inflammation in the pelvic area. Once the bacterium is overpowered the fluids concerned leave scars in the mucous membranes of the tract reducing and sometimes completely destroying the fallopian competence for successful natural fertilization.

What Can Be Done About Tubal Factor Infertility?

A standard infertility test is administered and once all other factors leading to infertility are ruled out it is safe to assume Tubal Factor Infertility. The standard IVF procedures are used so that the fallopian tubes are redundant. Ova are fertilized with sperm in the lab and placed directly in the womb.

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