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GIFT - Understanding Intra Fallopian Transfer

What Does GIFT Mean In an Infertility Context?

GIFT (Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer) is an assisted fertilisation technology to help couples unable to get pregnant, achieve pregnancy.

How Is GIFT Different From Other Techniques?

GIFT is exactly like IVF in relation to the preparation, sperm collection and foetus monitoring. The difference is that instead of fertilising the egg in laboratory conditions the sperm is placed inside the fallopian tube near the egg. This technique is nearer to the natural fertilisation process as compared to the other techniques.

Who Would GIFT Be Most Useful For?

GIFT will be most useful for

  • Couples with unexplained fertility issues.
  • Women whose fallopian tubes are not blocked or damaged.
  • If sperm count or motility rate is low.
  • The couple objects to IVF for religious or other reasons.
What Procedures Are Followed In GIFT?
  • A tubal patency test to determine the healthiness of your fallopian tubes. At least one must be unblocked and undamaged. Same procedure as IVF up to egg collection.
  • Administration of anaesthesia and a 5 mm cut at the umbilicus to insert a laparoscope for a clear view of your fallopian tubes.
  • Egg extraction under laparoscopic guidance, possibly with two now cuts in the lower abdomen.
  • 3-4 best quality eggs are mixed with washed and prepared sperm using a catheter.
  • Medication to build up your uterus lining to help prepare a better environment for the foetus.

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