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Egg Donations - A Real Possibility

Explaining the process of egg donation

Egg Donation is the process of extracting eggs from the uterus of a healthy and genetically tested female, fertilizing it and implanting it in the uterus of the patient.

Who Should Go For Egg Donation?

Women who cannot produce eggs in sufficient number or of required quality and have been unable to conceive with the help of other ivf techniques should look at egg donation as an option.

How Are The Donors Screened For Egg Donation?

Women who are under the age of 33, have a healthy Reproductive system, have gone through at least one pregnancy preferably and are tested negative for hereditary diseases are utilized for egg collection.

Are There Legal And Emotional Repercussions To Egg Donations?

To avoid emotional Repercussions the donors are kept anonymous except when it is unavoidable. In the cases when the donor is already known to the patient or is a close female relative it is advisable to have a personal and legal understanding. The donor can put a stop to the process at any time up to the moment of Fertilization after that the embryo legally belongs to the patient.

Is Egg Donation A Paid Transaction?

The Indian government and the Indian society do not allow and approve of the selling and buying of eggs. Therefore we do not pay for eggs. Only women who altruistically share and donate their eggs are allowed. Although the Indian Council Of Medical Research is currently revising the laws on buying and selling of eggs so it maybe a possibility in the near future.

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