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Whats are the factors that determine IVF success rates for Clinics in India ?

IVF clinic and the standards of IVF clinics , laboratory has a very important role in the success rate of IVF not only in India but all over the world

The experience of the treating doctor , number of cases handled , the clinic pregnancy rate and the live birth rate of the clinic is most important

We should be aware that the doctors with more than 25 years of experience and have handled more than 10000 patients will definitely be able to deal with difficult cases and challenges.

Laboratory and technologies and the laboratory staff means the embryologist plays highly crucial role for the success rate of the the clinic Difficult cases like Endometriosis, recurrent Implantation Failure , Fibroids , Thin Endometrium , Poor Responders ( Low AMH) , Azoospermia , Oligospermia ( Low Sperm Count ) , Recurrent Pregnancy loss ( Abortions)requires special expertise , experience and technology.

All latest technologies like IMSI , Embryoscope , Spindle Check , Assisted laser hatching , vitrification , MAC are required in many cases to get better fertilization rate , high grade of transferrable embryos , clinical pregnancy rate and live birth rate.

Dealing with pregnancies in such difficult cases sometimes reauires special care and Fortified Protocols which comes only with experience and vigourous management . This is to get the best live birth rate . As always remember the successful IVF cycle is only when we get the Healthy baby in hand .

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